I have created a website to showcase my studies and represent how my practice develops. 

My key interests like in composition, colour, light ad architecture which are all used to capture a sense of place. 

A self portrait with everything primary. 

I'm a Fine Art student currently studying at the University for the Creative Arts. 
Through my work I’m constantly sampling and experimenting to find ways to understand and dissect the environments around me, both manmade and natural.  With both the projects 'Cornered and Nothing with Nothing', I was able to create my own brief and put into practice my exploration of the place. 
CFAR5016 contains all my workings out, research and shows the developments of each project.
Statement and Summary are found in CFAR5016
The separate spaces show a brief over view of the work from each project.
Videos show a link to my Vimeo account. 
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